Description of the project

About Project

The main role of school is to teach how to study, rouse thirst for knowledge, make children know the joy of completed work, taste the excitement of creating something, learn to love what they are doing, and find the job they will love. – Albert Szent-Györgyi , the scientist, the academic, the inventor of vitamin C wrote this.

We would like to create the School of Success during the two years of the project. The acronym of our project is S. O. S., since these days with suppressed emotions we continuously desire for little success in our everyday life. The best scene for this can be school life.

The core idea of our project has been developed several years ago. Since then we have been searching for, following the national and international statistic data, the possible answers and the educational actions taken in this field with our international partners.

The increasing dropout rate and the increasing number of people without a profession have become an important issue, since it has an important effect on people’s life and on the economic status of a country. Both at international and national levels innovative, generative programs and actions have been called for from primary to vocational training and higher education. In several countries institutions apply shadowing systems and dropout data to help early intervention.